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Research and Education Resume

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     Research and Education Resume

Academic Education/Training (3)

1- PhD in Control Engineering, 2009-2013.

2- M.Sc. in Control Engineering, 2005-2008.

3- B.Sc in Telecommunication Engineering, 2001-2005 .

Journal Articles (19)

1-Mahboube Mohamadi, Mortaza Aliasghary, Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system approach to predict dynamic thermo-mechanical responses of poly (vinylidene fluoride) blend-based nanocomposites,Polymer Bulletin, 2022.

2-Mortaza Aliasghary, Saber Azizi, Hadi Madinei, Hamed Haddad Khodaparast, On the Efficiency Enhancement of an Actively Tunable MEMS Energy Harvesting Device,Vibration, 2022.

3-Mortaza Aliasghary, Reza Mohammadikia, A novel single-input interval type-2 fractional-order fuzzy controller for systems with parameter uncertainty,Soft Computing, 2021.

4-Mortaza Aliasghary, Hamed Mobki, Hassen M Ouakad, Pull-in Phenomenon in the Electrostatically Micro-switch‎ Suspended between Two Conductive Plates using the Artificial‎ Neural Network,Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics, 2021.

5-Hojjat Aminnejhad, Sarang Kazeminia, Mortaza Aliasghary, Robust sliding-mode control for maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic power systems with quantized input signal,Optik, 2021, Volume 247, 167983.

6-Rahim Mahmoudi, Mortaza Aliasghary, Majid Mokarram, Design and fabrication of an intelligent management and control system to optimize energy consumption in indoor swimming pools,Energy Efficiency, 2021.

7-Fatemeh Ghasemi, Mortaza Aliasghary, Sepehr Razi, Magneto-sensitive photonic crystal optical filter with tunable response in 12–19 GHz cross over from design to prediction of performance using machine learning,Physics Letters A, 2021.

8-Mahboube Mohamadi, Seyedemad Alavitabari, Mortaza Aliasghary, Prediction of mechanical and thermal properties in bronze-filled polyamide 66 composites using artificial neural network,Polymer Bulletin, 2021.

9-Amin Zarrin, Saber Azizi, Mortaza Aliasghary, A novel inverse kinematics scheme for the design and fabrication of a five degree of freedom arm robot,International Journal of Dynamics and Control, 2020.

10-Mohammadikia, R, Aliasghary, M., Design of an interval type-2 fractional order fuzzy controller for a tractor active suspension system,Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2019.

11-Mohammadikia, R, Aliasghary, M., fractional order fuzzy PID for load frequency control of four‐area interconnected power system using biogeography‐based optimization,International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 2019.

12-Aliasghary, M. , Control of PEM Fuel Cell Systems Using Interval Type‐2 Fuzzy PID Approach,Fuel Cells, 2018.

13-Aliasghary M., Eksin I. and Güzelkaya M., Kumbasar T., General Derivation and Analysis for Input-Output Relations in Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems,Soft Computing Journal, 2015.

14-Aliasghary M., Eksin I. and Güzelkaya M., Kumbasar T., A Design Methodology and Analysis for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PI/PD Controllers,International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control, 2013.

15-Naderi A. and Ghasemzadeh H. and Pourazar A. and Aliasghary M., Design of a Fuzzy Controller Chip with New Structure Supporting Rational-Powered Membership Functions,Amirkabir Journal, International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2009.

16-M.Aliasghary, M.Teshnehlab, M.Aliyari Shoorehdeli and A.Jalilvand and M.Nekoui, Hybrid Control of Magnetic Levitation System Based-on New Intelligent Sliding Mode Control,Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008.

17-K. Sabahi, A. Sharifi, M. Aliyari Shoorehdeli, M. Teshnehlab, M. Aliasghary, Load Frequency Control in Interconnected Power System Using Multi-Objective PID Controller,Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008.

18-M.Aliasghary, M.Teshnehlab, M.Aliyari Shoorehdeli and A.Jalilvand and M.Nekoui, Hybrid Control of Magnetic Levitation System Based-on New Intelligent Sliding Mode Control,Journal of Applied Sciences, 2008.

19-M.Naeimi, M. Teshnehlab, M. Aliyari and M. Aliasghary, Stable Direct Adaptive Control as Nonlinear Hybrid Controller for Flexible Manipulator,Journal of Applied Sciences, 2009.

Conference Papers/Abstracts/Posters (11)

1-Aliasghary M., Eksin I. and Güzelkaya M., Kumbasar T., Design of an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller Based on Conventional PI Controller,20th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, 2012, Barcelona, Spain..

2-Aliasghary M., Arghavani N., H∞ Estimation for Optimization of Rational-Powered Membership Functions,13th IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Informatics, 2012, Budapest, Hungary..

3-Aliasghary M., Eksin I. and Güzelkaya M., Fuzzy-Sliding Model Reference Learning Control of Inverted Pendulum with Big Bang – Big Crunch Optimization Method,11th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, 2011, Córdoba, Spain..

4-Naderi A. and Aliasghary M., Ghasemzadeh H. and Pourazar A., A 19MFLIPS CMOS Fuzzy Controller to Control Continuously Variable Transmission Ratio,7th Conference on PhD. Research in microelectronics & electronics, Trento, Italy, 2011..

5-Aliasghary M., Ghasemzadeh H. and Naderi A. and Pourazar A., Design of Radial Basis Function Neural Networks Controller Based on Sliding Surface for a Coupled Tanks System ,IEEE Joint International Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Conference, Chongqing, China.

6-M.Aliasghary, A.Jalilvand, M. Teshnehlab, M. Aliyari Shoorehdeli, Sliding Mode Control of Magnetic Levitation System Using Radial Basis Function Neural Networks,IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics (RAM 2008), China.

7-M.Aliasghary, M. Aliyari Shoorehdeli, M. Teshnehlab, A.Jalilvand, Magnetic Levitation Control Based-on Neural Network and Feedback Error Learning Approach,IEEE International Conference on Power and Energy (PECon), Malaysia, 2008.

8-Narges Zamani Moghadam, M.P. Agababa, Mortaza Aliasghary, Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control Design for Multimachine Power Systems,2th International conference on electrical engineering, 14-16 Sep, Tehran, Iran, 2017.

9-Shadi Aghababazadeh, M.P. Agababa, Mortaza Aliasghary, Synchronization of fractional order chaotic systems whit considering the effects of fault and its application in secure communications,3th International conference on electrical engineering, 7-8 Sep, Tehran, Iran, 2018.

10-Gelareh Fareghi, M.P. Agababa, Mortaza Aliasghary, Control of cascade switched systems with input saturation and actuator fault,5th International conference on applied research in electrical and mechatronics engineering, 24-25 Jan, Tehran, Iran, 2019.

11-Elahe Rezazadeh, M.P. Agababa, Mortaza Aliasghary, Adaptive control of canonical nonlinear switched systems with external disturbances and dead-zone input nonlinearity,5th International conference on applied research in electrical and mechatronics engineering, 24-25 Jan, Tehran, 2019.

Books (2)

1- Fuzzy logic type 1 and type 2 based on LabVIEW™ FPGA, Pedro Ponce-Cruz, Arturo Molina, Brian MacCleery, (translate to Farsi)..

2-Foundations of fuzzy control: a practical approach, Jan Jantzen, Second edition, (translate to Farsi).

Inventions/Patents (5)

1- Human presence detection sensor for use in automatic protection systems,ir 92266, 2017.

2- Intelligent control system to optimize energy consumption in the sports pool,ir 94648, 2018.

3- Intelligent detection sensor for moving targets based on microwave waves,ir 91952, 2017.

4- Design and manufacture of automatic controller for UPVC measuring, cutting, welding and cleaning machine,ir 91909, 2017.

5- Electronic control of automatic transmission for use in heavy road construction machinery,ir 90374, 2016.

Awards / Honours (4)

1-Book of the Year Award, West Azerbaijan Province, 2020.

2-EU Scholarship in TESS program, 2011.

3-Scholarship for PhD students by the Ministry of Science and Research of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2010.

4-3th place in “Software Programming Contests”, Mashhad, Iran, 2003.

Languages (4)

1- Turkish.

2- Azeri.

3- English .

4- Farsi .